Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flower statement necklaces + other accessories :)

Here are some of the accessories I made after feeling a little artsy. :)


Here are my earring holders I created. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011


Thank you so much to the people who entered my giveaway! Sorry for the delay of announcing the winners, but I graduate tomorrow and I'm super busy, and unfortunately still a little sick.

I copied and pasted everyone's name into a random name picker online.

The winners are:

2nd: Daeuiel

 Ladies, please email me your address: bikinibottom08@hotmail.com thanks!

There will be another giveaway really soon, so please don't be discouraged if you didn't win. Everyone will get a chance. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Winners will be announced soon

Thanks to all the ladies who posted a comment on the giveaway. :)
I've learned about a few new products, as well as colors I would like to try.

I will post the winners on Wednesday. Unfortunately I've been terribly sick with the flu and a stomach virus, and I'm still getting over it while finishing up final assignments for classes. Its sucks but I'm pushing through.

In the meantime, this might be a good thing, because I've added more goodies to the bags. lol

Talk to ya on Wednesday!
Toodles :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Easy Giveaway!!

Super easy, as in it's not a contest. lol!

Just simply leave a comment under this blog telling me what your favorite, nail polish (brand or color), lip gloss (same), or eyeshadow is, and the gift is yours. There will be two winners!

1st place winner will get the blue cosmetic bag filled with goodies, and the 2nd place winner will get the black gift bag with hearts filled with surprise goodies! :)

Deadline is Friday April 29th at midnight. Good luck!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random everything: Catching up

So I've been mia for awhile. I recently joined a fitness center on Valentine's Day and I've been working it out ever since. I'll be sure to blog about my weight loss journey soon.  Because of that my hair and beauty routine has been suffering a bit, but it's all good.

Here are some pics of my daughter's nails. I gave her the tiny Sally Hansen polishes, so here are the teal and purple colors:

Here is a small haul from Victoria's Nail supply and 8ty8beauty:
Starboard, Sea spray, Belize it or not, Greece Blue me away, and He's my coral Friend

Nirvan and Unicorn
Crackle, Back to the beach peach, Crackle(blue), Apricota Cheatin, Wisteria and Morning Glory, and of course duri

I also tried black crackle polish over sea spray and starboard. I love crackle!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Small Haul-Literally :-)

,Here are a few items I bought from Sally Beauty Supply. I see these shadows and polishes every time I go in and always overlook them.

Sally girl Baked Eyeshadow

Sally girl polishes with Bubble White
All these items were 99 cents each, and they are usually on the racks at the register. I can't wait to try the Bubble White, after watching a few videos on youtube, it's a fizzy type powder you pour in water, soak your nails for 5 minutes and it will turn your nails super white. :-D

I can't wait to do some shadow looks, and try out the other items, I will be sure to update.

Toodles! :)

Bubble white: http://reviews.sallybeauty.com/6151/SBS-838600/reviews.htm


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick meal: Salmon in a can

No don't eat it out of the can...lol (Unless you want too... j/k)

So I love buying salmon in the can, or the bag of salmon from the grocery store. It makes a real quick satisfying meal.

I use any brand salmon in the can and remove the bone, I shred with a fork in a lightly oiled pan and season well. My favorite seasonings are paprika, garlic, onion, black pepper, Tony Chachere's and a few others. I let it cook till browned really well.

If I'm using the whole salmon, I will bake in foil with seasonings.

I usually have over salad with flax seeds, shredded cheese, and as you see in this picture: crispy fried onions. My favorite salad dressing is Marie Calendars or Bolthouse Farms Blue cheese vinagrettes.

In this picture I had it over brown rice:
Salmon cakes are really good too and easy to make, however, I haven't made it in awhile. These are really quick meals, and are usually finished in less than 15 minutes. This is my favorite fish and comes in handy during the times I'm avoiding meat.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tastebud Edition: Yummy! *Licks lips*

Drool.... lol

I just wanted to share some delicious desserts I had over the weekend. Yes, I wish I could say over the past month, but no, over the weekend.

First up we have CamiCakes, apparently very popular here in Atlanta, but I never heard of them before. Maybe that's a good thing, because I would probably visit more than I need too. It was super packed, and they have a menu of delicious cupcakes to choose from. There was one more in the picture, but my daughter attacked it so fast, it disappeared. lol

 The cake itself was super tasty and soft, but not light. I cut it in half and I was full, had to save some for later.  In the picture you see a chocolate, lemon drop, and a strawberry cheescake I believe. The frosting was delish, not too sweet and very thick. Reminded me of a cheesecake consistency and taste.

Here we have a scrumptious cake that my local supermarket Publix sells, It's an all chocolate cake with chocolate everything! lol Chocolate barks, shavings, and chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate frosting, so you get the point. lol

It does have walnut shavings, but apart from that, this cake is so good.
I'm shamed to say that we had two other cakes that week because my daughter and mother's birthday falls on the same week. So with that said: I will be documenting my weight loss and nutrition lifestyle soon. :-/ LOL!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eyeshadow looks

Here are some eyeshadow looks I did over the past few days.

I used Wet n Wild's Snow Sprite for this look, Wet and Wild mascara, and eyeliner.
My friend Nicki, said this look reminded her of fairies. I agree!

This is a golden look using the Wet and wild Golden Goddess, Loreal Featherlash mascara in brown, and Elf brown eyeliner.

Here is a pink purple look using Maybelline Eyestudio in Purple Possibilites,
And Hot Looks Le Amour2. Wet and Wild mascara.

I purchased the Wet and Wild Color Icon palettes over the holidays when Walgreens had their 50% off sale, but never got to use them. I've been trying all my untrieds all week. I got the Hot Looks palette from AJ Wright during the after Christmas sale, and got it for a dollar. It has pretty metallic colors.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

NOTD: Rhinestones galore!

Here is my nail look I did today. I used:

Milani: Tip toe pink, Art Deco in black, Duri basecoat, Nutra Nail strengthener, Poshe top coat, Cina bonder, and Creative Nail Design Solar oil, and of course, rhinestones. :)

Hope you like. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eyeshadow looks & NOTD

Alright, so here is my eyeshadow look for the day:

Green shadow look using ELF 100 pallette

I really wanted to do a nail design, but didn't have time, so I polished with Duri as base and Nutra nail on top.

I've been experimenting with liners. I have some cheap ones from the beauty supply that I never used, and now I see why. :-/ They hardly showed on my skin, and I ended up using a blue eyeshadow in my ELF 100 palette to make it more pigmented.
I suppose next time I need to blot my eyes for the shininess. Lol!
It's a black liner with my pink eyeliner pencil, and a pink glitter liner on top.

In this one, I used my blue pencil and topped it with a blue shadow from my ELF 100.
I put a brown on my lid, but I'm not sure I will do that again. lol

Friday, January 14, 2011

Queen Helene Mint Julep: The Ultimate Facial Masque

I remember my mother using this masque when I was a little girl, and when I became a teen, she introduced me to it. Unfortunately I've been suffering from whiteheads on my nose ever since I can remember. Maybe when I hit puberty, but this masque works wonders. It firms, shrinks pores, makes your skin smooth, unclogs impurities from your pores and so much more. I've introduced this masque to almost everyone I know (if they weren't already using it) lol

There were times when I tried to find something better, but nothing can compare to this, and I've been using it for yeaaars.

On left is Queen Helene. Right: Freemans Clay Mask(Avocado and Oatmeal)

You can probably tell from the picture that Queen Helene is very thick, and you get better coverage with this masque, and it dries quickly while tightening skin. Freeman clay mask is a bit more softer and watery, and it takes way more time to dry, it also doesn't firm as great as Queen Helene. It's great to have as a back up though.
Both masques are very affordable and can be found at your local drugstores, Sallys and supermarkets. I paid under $2 bucks for each.

More about Queen Helene from the site:
Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment to help dry up pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores. Simply apply Mint Julep Masque to your clean face and neck. As it firms and hardens within minutes, it draws out impurities from your pores. After the masque is removed, your skin will feel clean, refreshed and smooth. Even for individuals who are fortunate to be free of skin problems, Mint Julep Masque is a refreshing facial treatment that helps relax tired muscles and ease tension lines on the face and neck.

She has plenty other products such as lotions, scrubs and peel off masque, most of which I tried, but in my opinion, this is the ultimate facial masque. :-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eyeshadow looks: The Body Needs

I found out about the body needs on http://www.longhaircareforum.com/. They have Mineral eyeshadows, Mac pigment and glitter samples and more.
The bodyneeds shadows are $1.79 ea. and their Mac pigment samples range from $1.99 to $3.
They sell other goodies as well, such as fragrant powders, empty jars, and sifters, makeup brushes and more.
 According to the girl on the forum who recommended them, they are authentic. I have no idea though, as I don't buy or own any Mac pigments to compare.

However, I did come across a video on youtube from a makeup artist who said that they were fake. Again I don't know how true that is. I was happy with the service, shipping and the products I received, so I don't have any complaints. Just use your own discretion.

This was my Saturday night look using a Mac sample pigment from TBN in Teal:

This is a neutral look I did today with TBN's shadow in Au naturel on lid:

In case you are wondering that is a mole on my eyeball... lol No, it isn't raised. :-p

The TBN shadow was very pigmented and blended very well, I didn't have to pack it on too much and a  little went a long way. I got a couple other colors from them as well, but I hope to get some more soon.
I did have to pack on the Teal shadow, but that was fine with me, because I'd rather pack it on than apply too much to begin with.
If you want to try out any Mac shadows or any of their other products, or you want loads of pigments in an array of colors, try out the body needs as an affordable choice.

P.S.: They always have discounts, which is a great plus in my book. :-D


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wet and Wild 2011 Spring Collection Swatches

Found these at Walgreens on Sunday. (Actually this was the 5th Walgreens I went to before finding them.)
I know they are limited edition and limited quantity, so when I arrived the associate was just about to unbox everything. I stood and waited. :-D It was not a game. lol!

I think she put out about 2 or 3 of each, and she took one of each for herself, and I took the rest, after that they were gone.  'o'
I Dream of Greenie were all shattered, so I got the duo. They were all $1.49 ea.

From let to right: I'm feeling retro, I got good jeans, spoiled brat, silent treatment and I'm getting sunburned.

I dream of Greenie duo (only thing missing was browbone highlight)
Here are some swatches, not the best lighting, but I hope you get the picture, without the flash.

Silent treatment (very neutral)

I got good jeans
I'm feeling retro

I'm getting sunburned

 Spoiled brat

They also had polishes for 99 cents, but most of the colors looked like ones I already had, so I got one that I didn't 'think' I had already:

Blue Wants to be a Millionaire

They also had eyeliners and lipglosses for 99 cents. but I only got what is pictured. 

These colors are gorgeous and very pigmented. I can't wait to play with them. If you find them in your area, grab them before they are all gone. Over the holidays, I wasn't able to find Night Elf, no matter how hard I looked.