Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eyeshadow looks & NOTD

Alright, so here is my eyeshadow look for the day:

Green shadow look using ELF 100 pallette

I really wanted to do a nail design, but didn't have time, so I polished with Duri as base and Nutra nail on top.

I've been experimenting with liners. I have some cheap ones from the beauty supply that I never used, and now I see why. :-/ They hardly showed on my skin, and I ended up using a blue eyeshadow in my ELF 100 palette to make it more pigmented.
I suppose next time I need to blot my eyes for the shininess. Lol!
It's a black liner with my pink eyeliner pencil, and a pink glitter liner on top.

In this one, I used my blue pencil and topped it with a blue shadow from my ELF 100.
I put a brown on my lid, but I'm not sure I will do that again. lol


Sasmita said...

That's gorgeous Shan, I like it! Hope you gonna rock with a matching outfit too :)

Keianna Johnson (KeeKeeAllNatural) said...

I love the eye lashes...I've never wore eye lashes...I am going to have to buy me some lol...Nice post sistah! Peace & Blessings.

Shan (Gimme That!) said...

Thank you Sasmita! And yes, i wore something cute. lol

Hey Keianna! Thanks! and Girl those are MY lashes. lol. I probably wore fake lashes twice in my life. Prom and my friends wedding years ago. Lol! I'll do a blog on the mascara's I use and my routine and technique so you can see how I achieve these looks. :-)

Adjua said...

The blue look is my fave, it's soooo vibrant...almost electric. Did you curl your lashes at all?

Shan (Gimme That!) said...

@ Adjua. Thanks, I guess I did something right. lol
Girl no, no curling at all. Just a lil mascara and that's it. Most times I don't even use mascara.