Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick meal: Salmon in a can

No don't eat it out of the (Unless you want too... j/k)

So I love buying salmon in the can, or the bag of salmon from the grocery store. It makes a real quick satisfying meal.

I use any brand salmon in the can and remove the bone, I shred with a fork in a lightly oiled pan and season well. My favorite seasonings are paprika, garlic, onion, black pepper, Tony Chachere's and a few others. I let it cook till browned really well.

If I'm using the whole salmon, I will bake in foil with seasonings.

I usually have over salad with flax seeds, shredded cheese, and as you see in this picture: crispy fried onions. My favorite salad dressing is Marie Calendars or Bolthouse Farms Blue cheese vinagrettes.

In this picture I had it over brown rice:
Salmon cakes are really good too and easy to make, however, I haven't made it in awhile. These are really quick meals, and are usually finished in less than 15 minutes. This is my favorite fish and comes in handy during the times I'm avoiding meat.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tastebud Edition: Yummy! *Licks lips*

Drool.... lol

I just wanted to share some delicious desserts I had over the weekend. Yes, I wish I could say over the past month, but no, over the weekend.

First up we have CamiCakes, apparently very popular here in Atlanta, but I never heard of them before. Maybe that's a good thing, because I would probably visit more than I need too. It was super packed, and they have a menu of delicious cupcakes to choose from. There was one more in the picture, but my daughter attacked it so fast, it disappeared. lol

 The cake itself was super tasty and soft, but not light. I cut it in half and I was full, had to save some for later.  In the picture you see a chocolate, lemon drop, and a strawberry cheescake I believe. The frosting was delish, not too sweet and very thick. Reminded me of a cheesecake consistency and taste.

Here we have a scrumptious cake that my local supermarket Publix sells, It's an all chocolate cake with chocolate everything! lol Chocolate barks, shavings, and chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate frosting, so you get the point. lol

It does have walnut shavings, but apart from that, this cake is so good.
I'm shamed to say that we had two other cakes that week because my daughter and mother's birthday falls on the same week. So with that said: I will be documenting my weight loss and nutrition lifestyle soon. :-/ LOL!