Friday, October 30, 2009

My duri rejuvacote experiment

I got hipped to this from a friend. This polish right huurrr is no joke! I started using it in my first post with the purple polish, I pretty much cut my nails off because they kept breaking and wouldn't retain length. My most recent nail blog is the 3-4 week update.

I've been using this polish consistently and my nails went from soft and chipping and tearing, to hard as a rock and growing! :)

The first week I noticed much whiter nails, then by the second week they were growing, not breaking and even whiter! But I was still able to use my thumb to bend them, at times a couple of them did chip and tear.

Now they are so hard, I can't even bend them if I tried. They are hard as acrylics. O_O

I notice this has formaldehyde in it (which is used on dead people), I believe it has protein, which will make anything hard with consistent use. But once you stop it will wear off.
I would love to get my hands on their other treatments, but this nail growth system gets 2 thumbs up from me.

I will pretty much continue to post my nails pics with hopes that I can see a dramatic difference within the next few mths.

Coconut oil has replaced my lotion!

Coconut oil has replaced my lotion!

I've been using coconut oil consistently for over a year now on my daughter and I's skin. I came across this by chance when I used it in our hair, and realized how great it felt on my skin. We have a mild case of eczema and this has definitely cleared it up 90%. We hardly have to use prescription creams, and it clears up even the worse flare ups.

I've also used olive oil on my skin, which is used by alot of women in the mediterranean. But being from the Caribbean, I can appreciate the nutty tropical smell of coconut and the silky moisturizing texture on my skin. I don't feel super greasy or sweaty, and it doesn't stick to my clothes like olive oil did. It also sinks right into the skin.

Before using coco oil on my skin, I was buying at least one bottle of lotion a month. A 16 oz jar of the oil lasts me about 3 mths. A 32 oz even longer. I buy big, separate into two jars, one for hair, and another for our skin. This is a keeper, and I wish I knew about it sooner. Our skin looks smooth and even toned, and smells great.

Here is a wonderful article on the benefits of coconut oil:



Coffee wakes up skin, and its said to have cleared up cellulite in women. It also smoothes out your skin, and gives you an even skin tone. If you don't want to make a scrub, you can wash your face with plain coffee for a revitalizing treat. :)

I tried this scrub yesterday and my face was smooth like buttah. What I loved about it is, it exfoliated my face but didn't leave it dry or stripped as St. Ives Apricot scrub would do. I believe this will become a regular staple added to my beauty regimen, and will definitely replace my store bought scrubs and save me some money. :)

This scrub can also be used with the oil of your choice, and trouble areas with cellulite. Use consistently to see a difference.

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