Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wet and Wild 2011 Spring Collection Swatches

Found these at Walgreens on Sunday. (Actually this was the 5th Walgreens I went to before finding them.)
I know they are limited edition and limited quantity, so when I arrived the associate was just about to unbox everything. I stood and waited. :-D It was not a game. lol!

I think she put out about 2 or 3 of each, and she took one of each for herself, and I took the rest, after that they were gone.  'o'
I Dream of Greenie were all shattered, so I got the duo. They were all $1.49 ea.

From let to right: I'm feeling retro, I got good jeans, spoiled brat, silent treatment and I'm getting sunburned.

I dream of Greenie duo (only thing missing was browbone highlight)
Here are some swatches, not the best lighting, but I hope you get the picture, without the flash.

Silent treatment (very neutral)

I got good jeans
I'm feeling retro

I'm getting sunburned

 Spoiled brat

They also had polishes for 99 cents, but most of the colors looked like ones I already had, so I got one that I didn't 'think' I had already:

Blue Wants to be a Millionaire

They also had eyeliners and lipglosses for 99 cents. but I only got what is pictured. 

These colors are gorgeous and very pigmented. I can't wait to play with them. If you find them in your area, grab them before they are all gone. Over the holidays, I wasn't able to find Night Elf, no matter how hard I looked.



rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

I'm a new follower!

I bought some of the nail polishes but need to run right now to find these palettes! Thanks for sharing :D

Shan said...

You are so welcome! I hope you find them!

Ash-Lilly said...

Hiya, you are so lucky - we don't have that brand here :-( Great swatches.