Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Forever 21's Love & Beauty polishes

Ok, so here is my review on Love & Beauty's polishes.

Love love love these polishes. they are very opaque in one coat and do not dissapoint. They are currently my fav polish of the moment. Dare I say they wow me even more than OPI (pick up your jaw ladies,lol)

They come in a range of colors, from green, to pink to golds. They are also only $2.80. :-)

Here are some pics:

Cocoa and Jade. I believe these were one coat. Anything more would've been too much. They also last super loooong.
I believe I applied cocoa for thanksgiving, and it lasted over a week, I had to take it off. Same thing with Jade, no tipwear, chip, peeling. Nada. Very impressive.

Let's compare.
This is a pic of Milani Ruby Jewels: (ignore white fingers, courtesy of acetone)

I put ^ on on Christmas day, by the time I was ready to leave it had smudged, and I had tipwear. I didn't do much of anything at all. So comparing it to Love & Beauty, I was dissapointed. I am currently wearing Milani 3D digital polish in pink, this is the 3rd day and each finger has peeled and I have tipwear. Too bad!

So anyway, if you see these brands in Forever 21, and you are contemplating, please do not hesitate to try them out.
You can also find them here. Toodles!


Adjua said...

That's so funny because I only liked one of the F21 polishes I got and I swore to never buy anymore (Charlotte Russe either). The Milani Ruby Jewels was on my nails for 6 days no chips or wear when I took it off. I probably could have worn it another 2 days but I need to meet my goal of wearing all my Milanis before the end of the month.

Shan said...

Really wow? I went to the site and saw they added more colors that I want. The site has way more available than the store....I'm not knocking Milani, because I had on Blackberry Baby for over a week once. Maybe, I was rushing on Xmas day when I did it. lol