Thursday, January 6, 2011

Currently using...

So I haven't used Duri for about 5-6 months. No fault of mine, I just didn't order a new bottle. lol So during that time I discovered this:

 Well, I am not dissapointed at all. It actually works pretty well. I heard about it on a forum I frequent, and she linked us to a girl on youtube who uses it as a top coat. She said it made her manicures last over 2 weeks. (something like that) So anyway, I never tried it as a topcoat, as I am forever dedicated to my beloved Poshe, so I started using it as my base. I will say in comparison to Duri, my nails are still super hard.  They did start to break and chip the last couple months due to me neglecting them during finals, but I am back on track now. They are not as white as they were when  I used duri, and they don't seem to grow as fast, (or maybe I'm too busy to notice) but it is very comparable. It's around the same price range depending on where you get it. Actually no, Duri is about $4 a bottle on an online retailer I used to buy it from. And Nutra Nail is about $2 bucks at Family dollar, and maybe a dollar more at Walgreens.

I think it's a cheaper alternative if you are looking for a good drugstore nail hardener and strengthener. Try it out and let me know how you like.


Adjua said...

I'm pretty sure I tried this and it didn't work for me so I gave it to my daughter, lol. My nails just stay soft and peeling and breaking so I keep them short. Oh well, lol. The Poshe base and topcoat are the though!

Shan said...

Yea, it works for me, but my nails don't grow nearly as fast as it did with Duri, and I notice they chip a bit quicker than Duri did.
I might start using my trusty Duri again and just alternate.