Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A No Go: Wet and Wild Eye Makeup remover

Purchased this during the Walgreens 50% off sale during the holidays. This will be short because this mess is a definite no no if you want to use your eyes and see.

This mess burned the crap out of my eyes. Usually I can use a makeup remover (for eyes or not) and it removes not only in one swipe, but it doesn't burn. This felt like I literally wiped my eyes with alchohol. Even alcohol probably wouldn't burn this bad. :-/ It's oil free and has aloe vera, but um no.

I can say that it's ok to use if you want to do a quick clean up after a makeup look, under the eyes, or if you want that sharp line/outer v. But to wipe off a full eyeshadow look? No mam. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Adjua said...

Lol, this post is full of humor! Sucks that the product burned but the writing is good.

PinkFrosting said...

I know and thank you!