Friday, October 9, 2009

Opi Is the Truth!

OPI is the truth!

Goodness gracious! Never in my life have I used a nail polish that stays on during wear and tear!
Let me tell you! I cut up the chicken, cleaned the chicken. Cooked the whole meal. Washed my hair, took a shower, gave my daughter a bath. And the polish is still intact! Wowzers!
Now I believe I've used opi in the past when I went to the nail salons, but that wasn't very often. Maybe a few times a yr. (I can count on one hand). And I always thought they did something 'special' to make your nail polish last. Nope...I must say that this brand is going to turn me away from the bss and drugstore brands.


Color: Do you lilac it? (Yes I know it's very late in the season for this, but I totally adore this color, and was too excited to get it on my nails)
Base coat: Loreal
Top coat: Sally Hansen

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BeingStill said...

I love that color! Do you know where I can find a dupe? Then again, I want color that will last through tons of hand washings, laundry, typing, etc. I may just have to get the OPI. Where can I buy it?